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How to get from Paris Vatry to Fez ?

Air travel brings incredible comfort to our travels. As prices become affordable, more and more people can access this mode of transport, for national or international destinations, particularly for the Paris Vatry Fes route. 

Where is Paris Vatry Airport located? 

Between Paris and Chalon en Champagne, Paris Vatry Fes airport offers interesting international destinations, especially if you are looking for a holiday in the sun. For example, you can take a Paris Vatry Fes flight to Morocco, to enjoy a real change of scenery and an ideal warmth to recharge your batteries before your return to France. Unless you are on holiday in France in the Marne or in Paris and its region, and you want to fly to your home in Fes. Ideal for Marne residents who want to travel internationally, or south of France, this airport offers many destinations that allow it to compete with Roissy on flights to Mediterranean countries. Go to Morocco or Spain easily and at attractive prices, in a human-sized airport. A change of scenery without necessarily going through the big Parisian conurbation. The shuttle site offers a vehicle adapted to the number of people, asks for the time of appointment or the time you have to arrive at the airport and you can book. It is also possible to book in the opposite direction, to return from the airport after your landing in France.

Take the Paris Vatry shuttle bus 

From your Parisian accommodation, hotel or train station, the shuttle takes you to Paris Vatry airport. You can thus make the trip to Paris Vatry Fes airport without any worries. The shuttle is much cheaper than a taxi, especially if you come from far away. It brings the advantage of a trip without worrying about the car parking, or finding a taxi driver at the right time. Economical and ecological thanks to its capacity of several people, the shuttle is one of the preferred means of transport to an airport, whether it is Paris Vatry or another. On the other hand, it is possible to book online for maximum speed, directly on the shuttle site for Paris Vatry airport. Choose the number of adults, the number of children and the destination. You can leave Disneyland for example, to reach the airport and fly to the destination of your choice. 

The shuttle remains the best value for money way to reach this airport, but the shuttle site also offers taxi services if you want to have a vehicle for 1 person, a couple or a small number of people. Remember to book online or by phone to make your reservation orally. This phone call will also allow you to find out all the answers to any questions you may have about the shuttle’s services, rates, etc. Contact by telephone allows a dialogue that some customers prefer when it comes to making a reservation and a secure payment.

What to visit in Fes? 

Paris Vatry airport offers flights to countries near France, including Spain, Mallorca and Morocco. In other words, the clients are mainly holidaymakers who are looking for the sun or returning to see their families in these southern countries. In Morocco, Fes is one of the most frequent bookings, although flights can serve other cities in the country. You can visit the Medina, a unesco World Heritage Site, which is a major tourist attraction and contains several monuments on its own. Also discover the fondouks, souks or the Karaouiyne mosque, perfect places to immerse yourself in the local culture, discover the customs and products that are the specialities of Fes. Fes leather tanners, for example, are very famous.

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