How to get to Paris-Vatry airport from Paris?

You are currently in Paris and wish to travel to Paris-Vatry airport. You are wondering: how to get to Paris-Vatry airport ? You are in numbers or alone. Do you want an advantageous way or total convenience? No more worries for you. Shuttle from Paris-Vatry airport is the solution to your concerns.

How to get to Paris-Vatry airport from Paris?

Located 150 m from Paris, Paris-Vatry airport is located in the heart of Champagne-Ardenne, in the Marne department.

Created in 1993, it now has free parking and 1300 spaces. Its activities revolve around the transport of people and goods, public or private transport and training flights. Its parking is always open and not guarded. It is therefore painful to say if you will have the space to park your car as long as you would like. What are the most appropriate ways to get to Paris-Vatry airport?

Means of transport to Paris-Vatry airport from Paris.

To get to Paris-Vatry airport, you have the choice between:

By train: you have the possibility to reach the airport by train. It uses routes other than buses, cars or shuttles. This gives you a wonderful view of the Parisian landscape. But what matters to us here is that it happened as quickly as possible at the airport. Less economical, it will cost you between 26 € – 50 €. The train has several other disadvantages. The journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, which is enough time for you to waste. It is not advisable to take the train if you do not like travelling with people.

The bus: it is also a means of transport that allows you to get to Paris-Vatry airport from Paris. Enough aside, the bus is a safe and comfortable way to get to the airport. Like the train, the bus does not provide a certain ease. You have to have patience on the bus. With the bus the driver must stop at each stop, which lengthens the duration of the trip. In addition, you will not find a direct bus from Paris to Paris-Vatry Airport. You will be forgotten to cover a very long journey of about 4 h 10 m including a 1 hour transfer from Paris City Centre via Bercy Seine then take Châlons-en-Champagne before heading to Paris Vatry airport. What a journey! Bus transport to Paris-Vatry airport from Paris will cost you about €12 – €15.

Carpooling: it allows you to take advantage of the vehicle of other users when you travel. Certainly advantageous since it is environmentally friendly and reduces the cost of transport. Carpooling can reduce traffic jams by reducing the number of cars on the road. But it is always worrying to be driven by a stranger whose good conduct we are sure of. With carpooling, the timing is often not respected. It is generally difficult to find someone who respects your travel date and time. You will somehow be subject to its program. The advertiser is free to set the price that suits him.

Vatry Shuttle: it offers you the quickest and most profitable solution to get to the airport, whatever your residence. About 4 hours before the plane takes off, Shuttle from Paris to Paris-Vatry airport picks you up at 92 avenue de France 75013 Paris, Métro Bibliothèque François Mitterrand. His main concern is to get you back to the airport on time to avoid missing your flight. It ensures you a soothing traffic in complete peace of mind with an experienced and professional driver. Whether you are in a group, alone or with your family, it offers you a fairly short travel time that will only last about 2 hours. Sufficiently advantageous, it offers a cost of 35.00 € per adult person and 30.60 € per child.

Book your ticket now at Navette de Vatry, your trip with the Navette de Paris at Paris-Vatry airport, will allow you to experience comfort, economy and speed and security.

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