How to get to Paris-Vatry airport to get to Marrakech ?

First airport in the Champagne-Ardenne region, Paris-Vatry has a runway 3,860 metres long, which means that it is one of the longest runways in Europe! It has been open to public traffic since 1993. Initially, it specialized in what is called air freight, that is, the transport of goods from one airport to another. He was also specialized in logistics, however in recent years he has been very active in passenger traffic.
Paris-Vatry airport is located 22 kilometres southwest of Châlons-en-Champagne and 160 kilometres east of Paris. Its “proximity” to the capital has earned it the only commercial name of “Paris-Vatry airport”.

We will tell you about the Paris-Vatry Airport to Marrakech journey, in the following article, because it is indeed possible to go to Marrakech from Paris-Vatry! You will know everything about Paris-Vatry airport destinations…

How to get to Paris-Vatry airport?

You don’t know how to get to Paris-Vatry airport and you don’t know if there is space to park? Or do you want to know the distance to the city centre? Know which buildings the airport is located near? We tell you everything!

From the city centre, you drive about 7 minutes to Paris-Vatry. Here are the different types of transportation available to you if you want to get to the airport:
Road access: very accessible, Paris-Vatry airport has direct access to the A26 and A4 road networks. More generally, it is accessible from all the major cities in the region. It is located for example 20 minutes from Châlons-en-Champagne, 35 minutes from Troyes, 45 minutes from Reims and 1h50 from Metz.
Rail access: from the Gare de l’Est de Paris, you can take a 45-minute TGV to Châlons-en-Champagne station or to Reims station. The taxi or shuttle will then take you for the rest of the trip to the airport, which will be about 25 kilometres by road.
Paris-Vatry Airport Shuttle: the airport offers a shuttle service: Paris-Vatry Airport Shuttle. This is a regular shuttle service from Paris-Vatry airport. Shuttle tickets can be booked either on or directly at the airport counter. It is possible to take a single ticket, or a round-trip ticket. The price of a single ticket to Châlons-en-Champagne is €4.50 and €8.10 for a round-trip ticket. Choose the shuttle from Paris-Vatry airport for more convenience!

The flight from Paris-Vatry to Marrakech

From Paris-Vatry airport, you can regularly travel to Madrid, Fez, Porto and Marrakech. Ryanair Airlines takes you to your dream destination in less than 3 hours! For example, if you choose to fly from Paris-Vatry to Marrakech at 8pm, you will arrive at your destination around 10:20pm…. Ryanair offers flights to Marrakech every day except Saturday! The duration of the return to Paris-Vatry, on the other hand, is generally longer than the duration of the outward journey. In order to prepare your trip as well as possible, we advise you to book your flight online, on the Paris-Vatry airport website directly.
For Paris-Vatry airport in Marrakech, you have a lot of choice in terms of reservations! The flights, very regular to Marrakech, are rather fast!

Before your flight, in case of a little hunger, you have the restaurant “Be Fly”, located in the terminal and open before each flight. Access is of course free for users, passengers and their companions. This restaurant is pleasant for the view it offers on the slopes! For a flight from Paris-Vatry airport to Marrakech, nothing could be more sensational than a meal at the Be Fly!

The must-see places to visit in Marrakech

Economic and major centre of Morocco, Marrakech is also its capital! Morocco’s most touristy city owes its reputation to the countless markets, gardens and palaces it contains… Very colourful, it is a dream destination! To understand why we recommend Paris-Vatry airport in Marrakech, here is a list of things to do at all costs before leaving:
Stroll as a couple or as a family on Jemaa el Fna Square, a famous public square southwest of the Marrakech medina.
Visit the Hivernage district, a playground at night full of music and festive atmospheres of all kinds! With its casino and discotheques within the hotels, it is a very popular place for its nightlife.
Visit the Menara Garden: one of the only large public and free parks in Marrakech, of great beauty!
The western district of Marrakech, Guéliz: built during the French protectorate, this district is very touristic. The avenues offer an incredible number of terraces on the street…. Do you like to watch what’s going on around you and are you extremely comfortable in the middle of people? The Guéliz district is for you!

… So, after all this, you understand better why we advised you to take a flight to Marrakech?

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