How to get to Troyes from Paris-Vatry airport ?

Located between Paris and Troyes, Paris-Vatry airport is quickly accessible from Troyes and other communes in the Marne region. It gives you access to various international flights to countries in the south of France. Thanks to Paris-Vatry airport, no need to go through other airports, less accessible (crowd, size of the site, fares, journey. . . ), your arrival at the airport is much easier and faster, especially if you opt for a shuttle service. The Vatry shuttle offers different routes around Paris-Vatry airport. Shuttle from Vatry can take you to visit Champagne-Ardenne thanks to its transport to Troyes for example.

The principle of the Paris-Vatry airport shuttle 

Are you leaving Paris-Vatry airport to go to Troyes? Remember to organize your trip by car: thanks to the operation of the shuttle, you are completely autonomous in your travels, no need to disturb the family or pay a high price by hiring a taxi driver. The shuttle can accommodate a small group in a private car, but also up to several dozen people thanks to the shuttle bus. For your journey from Paris-Vatry airport to Troyes, you can therefore benefit from modes of transport adapted to the number of people to be transported, at an economical price. Vehicles of different sizes are made available to drivers so that they can transport customers in the best conditions. Customers therefore benefit from a comfortable and secure seat for a serene and pleasant journey to the airport.

Book a shuttle from Paris-Vatry airport to Troyes 

It is strongly recommended to book your shuttle several days before your flight. You can book at the latest 3 days before the trip and possibly at the last minute, if vehicles are actually available to provide transport. So remember to book your shuttle from Paris-Vatry airport to Troyes a little in advance or contact our shuttle service from Paris-Vatry airport. 

Online payment simplifies your process and allows you to book immediately, in complete autonomy. From 30€/person, you can be transported serenely and be guaranteed to be deposited at the ideal time for your journey from Paris-Vatry airport to Troyes. If your journey consists of going to Troyes from the airport, the shuttle driver awaits you at the exit of your plane and the departure usually takes place 35 minutes after your landing. A sufficient amount of time to collect your luggage and go to the car park where the shuttle is waiting for you.

Enjoy a worry-free and stress-free journey 

Leaving Paris-Vatry airport for Troyes imposes a certain stress when you are not used to making this journey. Strict schedules must be respected in order to board and traffic may vary to the point where you fear a delay. By using a shuttle, you delegate all your responsibilities to a professional who makes this trip on a daily basis and therefore knows how to manage all the possible unforeseen events to make you arrive on time. You can relax. From Paris-Vatry airport to Troyes, the journey can be tiring when driving after hours of flight and waiting at airports, especially for those who have difficulty with this mode of transport in the air. Using a shuttle allows you to rest completely until you return home or for a stay in Troyes, thanks to an experienced shuttle driver who does your transport without stress.

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