What are the destinations from Paris-Vatry airport ?

There are many destinations from Paris-Vatry airport, don’t miss them! Commonly known as “Paris-Vatry airport”; for commercial purposes, i. e. to promote closer relations with the capital, Châlons-Vatry airport is a French airport designed in 1953. It is located in the centre of the municipalities of Bussy-Lettrée, Haussimont and Vassimont-et-Chapelaine, in the department of Marne. Long used as a training area for air transport, this airport has been open to public air traffic since 1993. The first commercial and passenger flight took place in 2000. It is now the leading airport in Champagne Ardennes and the fourth airport in the Far East, and is located about 160 kilometres from Paris. It is closer to the cities of Châlons-en Champagne – 22 kilometres or Reims – 65 kilometres. 

Its particularity is to be equipped with one of the longest landing strips in Europe: the runway is 3860 metres long. This airport is served by the A26 and the national highway 4. Will you be able to choose your departure from Paris to Katry? 

The two airlines serving the airport are Iberia Regional and Ryanair. Find all the destinations of Paris-Vatry airport!

The Moroccan city of Fez 

It is possible, during tourist periods only, to travel from Paris-Vatry airport to Fez. It is an international airport located in Morocco, in very strong growth since the early 2000s. Paris-Vatry airport does its utmost to offer regular flights throughout the year to ensure the greatest comfort for passengers. Even for very long flights, prices are becoming more and more affordable, so you can find tickets from 600 euros round trip. Fez is one of the most popular destinations, because this city is synonymous with warmth and holidays. Most of the passengers on board a plane to Fez are either holidaymakers looking for sunshine or people returning to see their families. We often say, wrongly, that we must necessarily go through Parisian airports to go to other parts of the world, but that is not true! Paris-Vitry airport even competes with Roissy for flights to Mediterranean countries. On average, it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes for a non-stop trip. If you are looking for the cheapest flights, choose August and early September rather than the full summer period of late June-July. However, when choosing your flight, be careful: it may happen that the period during which you want to travel is not adapted to the available tickets. For example, if you want to travel for 15 days, the site may only offer you a ticket for 14 days or 16. Taking a trip to Fez will make you live an incredible experience: a real change of scenery and an ideal warmth ensuring you both happiness and tanning! Once you arrive at the airport, you can contemplate the high tourist places of the Moroccan city: the Medina of Fez, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a mecca for traditional crafts, is the largest medina in the world. You can see the El Mokri palace as well as the labyrinthine alleys of the medina, extremely populated. . . Will you choose this city as your destination for Paris-Vatry airport ?

The pearl of the South : Marrakech 

To get to Marrakech from Paris-Vatry, you must use the Ryanair company, no matter what time of year this time of year. For a non-stop journey of about 3h50, prices start from 355 euros round trip. Ryanair is known as one of Ireland’s leading airlines offering low-cost tickets. The best times to visit Marrakech are certainly spring and autumn. Indeed, from March to June and from September to November, temperatures are ideal at any time of the day: between 23 and 28 degrees! On the other hand, winter is quite harsh in the afternoons, and summer is very hot, sometimes reaching 45 degrees or more. So, except during the winter, it will always be possible for you to sunbathe or swim in Marrakech. It is said that there is an average of 340 days of sunshine out of 365 in this city! Marrakech is the tourist capital of Morocco, with its gardens, markets and palaces entirely colorful. Come and discover the Mellah district in Marrakech, the Jewish district with its ancient architecture and exceptional charm! Very lively, this place remains one of the city’s central cores. The medinas of Marrakech generally include riads, including Riad Dar One, famous for its tinplate craftsmen. The pool of Riad Dar One will allow you some moments of relaxation and freshness. . . 

The earlier you do this, the more tickets you will have at a lower price. For example, if you look on the Ryanair website to travel from Paris-Vatry to Marrakech in 1 month, you will usually have tickets at 200 or 250 euros, while if you are looking for a ticket in 2 months or more, you will find half-price prices!

The island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands 

If your airport destination Paris-Vatry is Mallorca, the Spanish island of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, you can reach it from Paris-Vatry. For this, you will need to take a trip to Palma airport in Mallorca, which takes about 1 hour 45 minutes and costs an average of 200 euros round-trip. Known for its many seaside resorts and mountains, Mallorca is also famous for its stone villages. Its capital is Palma, where you can discover the music festival and art galleries. As for temperatures, the warmest months are July, August and September, but if you want to visit the island in a pleasant way, the months of April, May, June and September are ideal.

The dynamic city of Porto 

From Paris-Vatry, it is possible to reach Porto, with the company Ryanair. The plane will land at Porto-Fransisco Sá-Carneiro airport, 11 kilometres from the city centre. Capable of handling 8 million passengers each year, this airport was named the 3rd Best Airport in Europe in all categories in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Whatever the season, you can therefore choose a Paris-Vatry departure. Please note that the price of tickets is higher to return from Porto than to go there: for example, you can find a trip for about twenty or thirty euros to Porto, while the trip from Porto to Paris Vatry is much more expensive – about 60 or 80 euros. For a non-stop trip, expect about 2 hours and 10 minutes and an average price of 100 or 150 euros round trip. 

The city of Porto is to be discovered at any time, whatever the season, it all depends on what you want to do there! Thus, the most favourable months for sunny and summer weather are July, August and September. If you want to have a lot of swimming, think about leaving between June and October. However, you must be careful with the many holidaymakers during the summer season, and remember to book your hotels in advance. There is also the famous Sao Joao Festival which animates the city during this period. For a calm and mild climate, prefer spring, and if you want to recharge your batteries, come and visit Porto in autumn-winter, you will not be disappointed !

Madrid, the sumptuous capital of Spain 

For a Paris-Vatry departure, you can also go to the Spanish capital, Madrid. The airline Iberia Regional, which goes directly to Madrid-Barajas airport. Available only in season, the Paris-Vatry – Madrid-Barajas trips last an average of 2 hours without stopovers, at a cost of around 150 euros round-trip for the cheapest, and up to 450 euros for the most expensive. This airport is located 13 kilometres from the centre of Madrid and was ranked 5th in Europe in 2013. The city can be visited very well from April to October due to the more than favourable climate, but beware of the very severe droughts in July and August. You can discover the magnificent architectural and cultural heritage of the third most populated city in Europe, after London and Berlin.

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