Where can I go to Paris from Paris-Vatry airport ?

Paris-Vatry airport is located in the Marne, about 150 kilometres east of Paris, and close to Disneyland Paris. The proximity to Paris and Disneyland is one of the major assets of the airport, which is ideally located and well served by major roads. It is therefore possible to plan many visits to the beautiful French capital from Paris-Vatry airport. Travellers will be delighted to discover the capital’s most beautiful monuments and sites: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Louvre, or, for those who are fans of the Disney world, to stay in the famous tourist complex. 

The simplest method and the best value for money for transfers between the airport, Paris and the various tourist sites is the Vatry Shuttle. Navette de Vatry is a passenger transport booking centre for Paris-Vatry airport and other surrounding areas. We offer customers public shuttles or private transport. For individual, family or group trips, Shuttle of Vatry offers an excellent quality/price ratio. Travellers have the choice between an economical offer with collective shuttles, or a more comfortable à la carte service with private transport. Many tourist sites are accessible thanks to the Vatry shuttles from Paris-Vary airport or your home. . . .

The magical world of Disneyland 

Landing at Paris-Vatry airport to spend a weekend at Disneyland is a very good choice. Disneyland is located only 125 kilometres from Paris-Vatry Paris airport. If you do not wish to rent a car, the ideal is to take a Vatry Shuttle. We offer collective shuttles for Disneyland on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The departure is from Paris-Vatry airport, at the level of the Vatry Shuttle Counter, and passengers are dropped off in front of their hotel at Disneyland. For a small fee, you can be driven by the drivers of Paris-Vatry airport by the shuttles. Families with children will appreciate the quality of this service, as well as the simplicity of travelling to Disney’s world from Paris-Vatry airport. 

Stroll along the Avenue des Champs-Elysées 

It is the most beautiful avenue in the world, a historical axis of nearly two kilometres long, created in 1670, lined with majestic monuments, world-famous, such as the Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde and the Obelisk of Luxor, the Tuileries Garden. A real lung of the 8th arrondissement, it begins at Place de la Concorde and ends at Place Charles-de-Gaulle. It is also a symbol of Parisian chic with its beautiful boutiques and Haussmann buildings. It is very easy to reach this very touristic area by taking the Vatry Shuttle. Here again it is a solution of tranquility, which will facilitate your travel near this beautiful avenue.

Admire the splendour of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral 

It is an unmissable monument in Paris, a real architectural jewel : Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. It has survived the centuries, its construction having begun almost a thousand years ago. The terrible fire of April 2019, which devastated its roof, miraculously spared its facade and two towers. Nestled on the Ile de la Cité, this cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary has always attracted visitors from all over the world. It inspired Victor Hugo who wrote a pure masterpiece of literature, “Notre-Dame”; with the characters of the Hunchback and Esmeralda. This religious and historical building is a testimony of history to be seen at least once by taking a shuttle from Paris-Vatry airport or from your home. 

Discover the famous centre of Paris 

Many monuments, districts and tourist sites are to be visited and admired in the capital. A stay in Paris will be an opportunity to stroll around the famous Montmartre district, admire the view from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, contemplate an exhibition in the Grand-Palais, then cross the very romantic Alexandre III bridge, visit the Musée d’Orsay or relax in the Jardin du Luxembourg. It is absolutely impossible to get bored in the centre of Paris, as it is so full of magnificent historical and cultural sites. It is possible to take a collective shuttle from Paris-Vatry airport to Paris centre. This economical package will allow you to be driven by our driver to the centre of Paris. A simple formula and an excellent price-quality ratio available on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The collective shuttle bus, taken from Vatry airport or your home, leaves passengers at the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand metro station in the 13th arrondissement. The return to the airport is from the same place. From there, you can easily walk or take the metro to the centre of Paris.

Marvel at the majestic Eiffel Tower 

It is admired all over the world and attracts millions of visitors every year. Dating from 1889, this breathtaking 324-metre high tower, made of puddled iron, has become one of the city’s symbols. An architectural beauty to be admired from the Champ-de-Mars or on the other side of the Seine, from the Trocadero gardens. If you have never had the opportunity to see this legendary monument or even get on it, take a flight to Paris-Vatry airport, then a collective or private shuttle bus to reach the centre of the capital for a weekend or a longer stay. It is located in the 7th arrondissement, on the banks of the Seine. You can also complete your visit to the Eiffel Tower with a cruise on the Seine River aboard a barge. All you have to do is go right next to the famous self-supporting iron tower, on the port of La Bourdonnais to board a bateau-mouche.

Discover the best art museum in the world : the Louvre 

World-renowned, this mythical museum is an absolute must visit in the 1st arrondissement of the capital. Opened in 1793, the building itself is a real beauty, it has been decorated since 1989 in the Napoleon courtyard with a glass pyramid. It is the most visited museum in the world and the most visited cultural site in the country. Different collections are exhibited and classified by theme. He has a very wide variety of works on display. You can admire Egyptian, Greek, Oriental, Roman and Greek antiquities, sculptures, art objects, paintings from different periods and different schools. You will have the great pleasure of contemplating world-famous works, paintings and sculptures, such as “The Mona Lisa”;, “The Venus of Milo”; or “The Victory of Samothrace”;. A museum to visit absolutely, alone or with the family. A visit to the Louvre is a moment of pure happiness, a wonder at every moment, and a fabulous cultural discovery. Here again, it is very easy to access the Louvre from Paris Vatry airport, by booking private transport or a collective shuttle.

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